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GeoSim v1.4 | Photorealistic Planets (EEVEE / Cycles)

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For instruction on using the addon, see the documentation section on the BlenderMarket here

What is GeoSim?

GeoSim is an add-on which allows the creation of photorealistic, realtime, customizable planets in a matter of seconds. Combined with a robust and easy to use shader nodegroup, GeoSim is a must-have for any 3D artist looking to create space/sci-fi scenes.

  - Physically Based Volumetric Rendering 

Using a multitude of advanced techniques, GeoSim can create photorealistic planetary atmospheres at a much higher quality and speed than Cycles or Eevee. Attributes such as density, thickness, and color can all be controlled with in the GeoSim shader.

  - Image-based Clouds

In order to add an extra layer of realism, GeoSim includes real-time, shadow-casting clouds. Just plug in your image/procedural texture and the shader will automatically convert it into semi-3D, volumetric clouds.

  - Full Texture Support

GeoSim comes fully equipped to handle all required textures, including albedo, roughness, specular, normal, and emission. All image textures can be accessed easily through

a separate nodegroup, allowing them to be modified at any


Calamity | a Blender short film made using GeoSim

Current Limitations/Things to note

-The planet surface does not react to light sources other than the main GeoSim sun

-Objects cannot cast shadows or illuminate GeoSim planets

Most of these will likely be fixed in future updates!

*All future updates will be accessible to anyone who currently owns the product.


  • New "Surface" section in GeoSim Nodegroup.
  • Added the ability to disable emission maps on areas of the planet that are in daylight, for use with city lights textures.
  • Normal map strength is now controlled outside of the shader.


  • 33% decrease in render times due to optimizations and bugfixes.
  • The camera may now fly inside of the atmosphere.
  • Normal mapping and cloud coloring bugs fixed.


  • Massive UI and documentation overhaul.
  • Support for terrain displacement and self shadowing
  • Clouds are much more photorealistic.
  • Various bug-fixes and optimizations.
  • Support for Blender 3.0.
  • Added "Color Separation" and "Ambient Light" sliders for better control of the atmosphere.
  • Added a separate downloadable file called "Textures" containing 2k, 4k, 8k, and 16k earth textures, courtesy of NASA 


  • Indirect lighting added.
  • Clouds can now cast shadows on the atmosphere.
  • New "sharpness" control for clouds.
  • Specular reflections now use the GGX reflection model.
  • Atmosphere now supports mie scattering.
  • Parallax displacement optimized.
  • New strength control for emissive textures.
  • Orthographic view now supported
  • Depth of field now supported
  • Planets now cast accurate tinted shadows 
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GeoSim v1.4 | Photorealistic Planets (EEVEE / Cycles)

26 ratings
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